How Much Protein In an Egg White?

How much protein in an egg white? –

The reason why you want to know that “how much protein in an egg white” is because must have learnt or heard that how fitness enthusiasts and body builders an egg as one of the powerful source of protein.

Proteins are the main building blocks of the body, and eggs are an excellent source of proteins, which contain sufficient amount of essential amino acids which the body needs for active muscle tissues, optimum growth, and maintenance of the lean. An egg is highly rich in proteins and other vitamins, and it is one of the inexpensive ways to obtain the needed proteins. As it is a versatile food it can be prepared and eaten in various forms from hardboiled egg to scrambled egg.

All of us know much or less about the nutritional value of an egg. But how much protein does an egg white have? One whole egg contains around 6.25 gm of proteins out of which egg white contributes 3.51 grams, and egg yolk has 2.78 grams of protein. Proteins contained in eggs have the biological quality which is higher than any other natural food. Eight calories of energy is provided to an individual after consumption of an egg. There are approximately 40 different types of proteins contained in an egg white by percentages, few of them are:-

  • Ovalbumin- which counts for 54%. It helps in nourishment and blocks digestive enzymes.

  • Ovotransferrin- 12% and binds iron

  • Ovomucoid-11%- It also blocks the digestive enzymes.

  • Ovoglobulin G2-4%

  • Ovoglobulin G3-4%

  • Ovomucin-3.5%

  • Lysozyme-3.4%

  • Ovoinhibitor-1.5%

  • Ovoglycoprotein-1%

  • Flavoprotein-0.8%

  • Ovomacroglobulin-0.5%

  • Avidin-0.05%

  • Cystatin-0.05%

Proteins are really important because it is vital in repairing torn muscles after exercising; helps avert against muscle loss; and works as a natural appetite suppressant by tricking your metabolism (makes you feel energized and fuller for longer time period)

A nutrient named as Lutein, which is necessary for healthy eyes is also plentiful in eggs. The high protein levels, mineral and vitamin contents in eggs supports healthy nails, hair growth…Some studies show that eggs are even beneficial in preventing breast cancers, and cataracts.

Though egg whites are priced as high protein nutrition, source of low fat, some people cannot eat them due to allergy. Allergic reactions against egg whites are more common than the reaction against the egg yolk. In addition to allergic reactions, some people have actually the food intolerance to egg whites. Moreover, infants suffer more than adults, but in most of the children, this allergy outgrows by age of five. Eggs are highly susceptible to Salmonella contamination. Though by cooking it is eliminated, but the threat of cross contamination still persists if people handle contaminated egg and then touch other items/food, thus spreading the bacteria.

So by now we know that egg is an excellent source of proteins and highly rich in it, so how much protein in egg white should not bother you anymore.